Employment Law

At Umoh Law, we are professional attorneys who handle cases involving various work-related issues and injuries, such as the employer’s failure to pay overtime wages. We also handle matters involving discrimination, retaliation and hostile work environment.

Please note that the term “injury” can refer not only to physical harm, but also to any type of mental and emotional abuse, suffering, distress, financial unfairness, or any other type of maltreatment suffered in the workplace.

Here are some types of injuries that may be the basis of an employment-related lawsuit:

  • defamation

  • discrimination

  • harassment

  • Illegal pay, tip and/or commission garnishments

  • medical benefits issues

  • minimum wage violations

  • non-competition agreements

  • overtime pay violations

  • wrongful dismissal and related litigation

  • Whether you're a worker, manager, or employer, if you or a loved one has been the victim of one of the above or any other work-related injury, know your employment laws and rights and protect yourself.

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