Workers Compensation

If you've been injured at work, then Umoh Law Workers Compensation Lawyers can help you if you were injured on the job and cannot work, yet either your employer or insurance claim has not followed the proper procedures in order for you to receive your due compensation.

Generally in most cases, the following steps must take place in order for a worker to receive full compensation and benefits:

  • Once you have experienced a work-related injury or illness, it is imperative a worker notify his or her employer within a very short amount of time or risk losing the right to benefits under workers compensation due to statute of limitations. It is also highly recommended that you document details of your accident or injury.

  • The employer is required to file the initial report to the insurance carrier within a few days of the incident being reported by the worker, or the date of absence of the worker from the job. The worker must also receive a copy of this report.

  • From this point, the employer is supposed to work with the worker in securing a claim and getting benefits from the insurance company.

This is a general outlay of how an injured worker proceeds to file a claim for workers compensation. However, not all cases go this smoothly. Sometimes, a worker may report a claim long after an injury has occurred, rendering the claim potentially void.

Other times, the employer may not file the initial report in a timely manner, resulting in administrative fines and sanctions. And last, insurance companies might reject claims under questionable rationalizations.

Other common disputes include disputes over medical treatments, return-to-work, and settlement offers. At Umoh Law, we work diligently to oversee conflicts that arise between the injured worker and the employer’s insurance company, ensuring the injured worker receives the best outcome.

If you feel that you or a loved one has a worker's compensation claim, do not try to go it alone. Please contact an Umoh Law Worker's Compensation Lawyer as early in the process as possible to ensure a smooth claim process, and have your claim honored sooner and for more money than if you had gone through the process alone.

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