Workplace Injuries

Although workplace injuries occur all the time, the most susceptible employees who experience workplace injuries are those working at construction sites and factories.

The most common types of injuries are those resulting from muscle overexertion, falling on wet and slippery surfaces, being struck by falling or dropped objects, highway incidents or automobile accidents, exposure to extreme temperatures or chemicals, repetitive motion muscle strain, and assault or violent acts.

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury, whether caused by a co-worker, your employer, or someone other than your employer (third party), an Umoh Law Workplace Injury Lawyer Compensation Lawyer can assist you in retrieving all that you are entitled to -- and not just what your employer decides you should receive.

There are several important steps that you should take after you sustain a workplace injury:

  • seek medical treatment immediately after the injury

  • take several pictures after the accident, and save all evidence

  • contact a workplace injury lawyer as soon as possible

  • draft a list of all the people involved in the accident, including witnesses

  • retain all copies of relevant documents, medical reports and receipts

  • make sure to not discuss the injury to anyone until you consult with a workplace injury lawyer first

In the event of a willful or negligent accident resulting in an injury at your workplace, it is imperative for anyone with a serious injury to seek the advise of a workplace injury attorney. It is likely that your employer has a legal team of workplace injury lawyers who are familiar with legal tactics to reduce your compensation.

By seeking a Workplace Injury Lawyer to represent you, you can ensure you are receiving the maximum monetary benefits and compensation for your injury.

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